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State of the Sixers: An Existential Google Hangout

I used to listen to Mike (Golic) and Mike (Greenberg) in the morning on my way to high school with my dad. This is Mike (Baumann) and Mike (me) at night. Neither of us are in high school. Neither of us are my dad. This is pretty unrelated, all things considered.

After I took the embarrassing loss to the Timberwolves harder than I should have, I got to thinking about Sixers life without Andrew Bynum. It led to the pointlessness of middle-of-the-road teams and the writers who cover them and the fans who, for some reason, care. Major drag. Way to go, Sixers.

It got me hankering for a long philosophical discussion about basketball and thankfully, Mike Baumann (drunkenly) answered the call. We set up this Google Hangout and, as you'll see, prepared absolutely nothing in advance. The first two or so minutes include Baumann's intro of stool-tapping cat guitarist, me being frozen, a random few second glitch from Google, and me forgetting who the Sixers had just lost to. Great blogging.

If you can make it past that, there are some gems in the one hour and fifteen minutes (!) of two Mikes talking. There is a birdlike cat, a girl-like girlfriend, and a helluva danish reference that you won't want to miss. We really talk a whole lot and about a wide range of Sixers semi-related topics.

Apologies for the length and everything about me. The cut over my left eye is from getting smacked playing basketball last week going up for a rebound. Thought I Allan Ray'd it.

Please let me know if this is interesting or any good or I should shove my face into cement and become a sidewalk.

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