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Wolves Obliterate 76ers 105-88 Reaction Thread

"My eyes! My eyes!"

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

In the game thread writeup, I said that I had no feel for this game. I was right.

In the game preview, I said that the Timberwolves were bad shooters, which they were. Before tonight, that is. 41-77 from the field, and 13-25 from three, from the worst three-point shooting team in the league. That'll do it.

It's tough to put into words how poorly the Sixers defended tonight, but we'll save that for later. Give credit to the Wolves, who played a masterful game on offense. That being said, I think it's fair to say they probably won't even come close to shooting that well again this season, as an 18 point 4th Quarter from Minnesota normalized the percentages a little bit. They created a lot of good shots, and made every single one of them. I'd like to brush it off and say "It happens," but what happened tonight really doesn't occur all that much.

I'll have more of an overall take on the game and the team in general later, but something needs to be said about tonight's game: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner were both horrible tonight. Their defense, from Turner's inability to stop Josh Howard and poor rotations to Jrue's inability to stop penetration, were absolutely killer. On offense, their shot selection, particularly Jrue's, was rushed and never let the team get into a flow. Those guys have been great all year, but this was a stinker from both of them.

Unfortunately, nobody else was really any good either.

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