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Final Score: Blazers edge Sixers, 89-85 - Immediate Reaction Thread

The Sixers trailed for most of the game and could never seize the lead in a loss to the Blazers.

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Don't let the closeness of the final score fool you. The majority of this game was kind of boring. So boring that I originally considered just writing this as the recap:

The ball was orange.
People in different uniforms bounced it up and down the court.
Sometimes, they passed it out of bounds.
Sometimes they passed it to someone in a different uniform.
One group scored more than the other group.
It wasn’t very entertaining.

- Courtesy of TwistyWristy

It was a tight fisted affair for most of the game, with the Sixers trailing (no pun intended) closely behind throughout except for a brief stretch late in the third quarter. But despite their efforts to hang around as long as they could, the Sixers could never find a way to take control of the game and seize the lead. The Blazers closed it out late and improved their impressive home record to 11-4.

The most interesting this game was was when the Sixers were down 3 late in the fourth quarter and had a chance to tie but clutch 3 pointer shooter Spencer Hawes (2-10) missed the shot.

Portland was led by impressive rookie Damian Lillard (20 pts), Nicolas Batum (22 pts, 8 ast, 7 rebs), J. J. Hickson (17 pts, 13 rebs), and LaMarcus Aldridge (16 pts).

The Sixers were kept in the game largely thanks to Jrue Holiday (29 points, 9 assists, 9 rebs) and Thaddeus Young (17 points).

So, react!

Full recap will be up later.


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Portland perspective - Blazer's Edge

Final - 12.29.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 23 21 23 18 85
Portland Trail Blazers 30 19 21 19 89

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