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Sixers vs. Warriors Highlights: Nick Young 360, Thad Young Dunk

Two hilariously different plays from the Sixers/Warriors game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This is something we're going to try to do more often. The Sixers and Warriors played last night after your bedtime, and you may be too lazy/busy/LegitToQuit to look up the highlights yourself. It wasn't a great game, but there were some fantastic plays that you should seek out for varying reasons.

Nick Young played a terribly Bad Swag first half. Not much penetration, just a lot of stepback jumpers at 45 degree angles that found a lot of rim. The second half would turn out to be better, but not before he took and Evan Turner bounce pass on the break and, trying to avoid a swatting Jarrett Jack, spun in midair. Andris Biedrins, who was most likely too slow to react to the 360 itself, stayed the course and met Swag at the top. Best part is, the shot probably was going in. Watch.

Later in the game, the Sixers were down 20 and hadn't exactly benefited from the most generous of foul calls. Thaddeus Young, right after missing another gorgeous long two, was pissed. Kwame Brown rebounded the miss (he had 8 rebounds and wasn't a worthless turd, for real) and found a streaking Thad to the basket. I woke up my family.

And the Dorell Wright/Jarrett Jack Shoe Fiasco of 2012 is worth re-exploring as well. Jrue's lefty jam and subsequent flex/yell were equally sick.

For a stupid, long-two-filled game, that's not a bad highlight haul.

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