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Sixers 92, Nets 95: Immediate This Is Not Football Reaction Thread

In the annual, locally televised NBA Afternoon Festivus Game of the Year, the Sixers struggled to make that one run to collect a lead allowing the Nets to come away with victory.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This game was never out of reach but it also never felt the least bit comfortable. It wasn't that exciting of a game (with two of the slowest paced teams in the NBA, this was predictable) but it was certainly close throughout its entirety. Every time the Sixers would pull within one, either Keith Bogans hit a 3, the Sixers would commit a foul, or Joe Johnson would literally launch 3's from Hoboken that'd somehow find the bottom of the net. When the game looked like it was all but over, Jrue Holiday and Dorell Wright brought the life back by hitting back-to-back 3's but fitting with the theme of the game, it ultimately wasn't enough to come away with a win.

Jrue Holiday, per usual, lead the charge for the Sixers, especially in the second half. Lavoy Allen showed up on the boards collecting a total of nine rebounds, five of them offensively. Despite near double-doubles from these two (Jrue one assist shy, Lavoy one rebound away), the Sixers were unable to lead at any part of the game after the 18-0 outburst from the Nets in the first half.

The Sixers couldn't capitalize at the opportunities right in front of them, allowed the Nets to shoot 30 free throws (only shot 10 themselves), and left Brooklyn with the mighty L we've seen so much of the past two weeks. Immediately react if you even saw the game.

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