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Video Update: Andrew Bynum can resume rehab

76ers general manager Tony DiLeo, coach Doug Collins, and center Andrew Bynum provide an update on Andrew Bynums knees. Bynum has been cleared to resume rehab, first through strength and conditioning exercises. Video from DiLeo, Collins and Bynum included.

76ers general manager Tony DiLeo, coach Doug Collins, and center Andrew Bynum met members of the media to provide an update on Andrew Bynum's knees. Bynum has been cleared to resume rehabilitation, first through strength and conditioning excercises.

It was described as step 1 of a 6 step program. No dates, either on when he could progress to the next step or when he can start playing basketball, we're provided. How Bynum responds to the increase in activity will determine that.

Bynum stated that surgery appears to no longer be a real concern, and expressed confidence that he will play at some point this season.

"His knees are healing, he is improving, and he has been approved to increase his activity level," DiLeo said before the game "Still, there is no timetable. A lot depends on how Andrew reacts and his body reacts to the increased activity."

"Once he's comfortable with stage 1, once his knees react in a positive way, then we'll go to stage 2 and so on. We don't want to put a number of days on it," DiLeo went on to say.

"[The MRI's] showed that the bone bruises are healing, that the weakened cartilage state is subsiding, that he is improving," DiLeo said. "Both knees are improving, but they are not totally healed yet."

Addressing whether or not the news made the team more or less likely to make a move at the trade deadline, DiLeo said that if they make a move, it's most likely to be looking more long term than that.

"If there's anything we do [at the trade deadline], it's going to be with a big picture, long term way of looking at it to get us closer to where we want to be," DiLeo said.

"I'm sure [not playing] is demoralizing for him," coach Doug Collins said. "More importantly he's on the last year of his deal. He has to get himself healthy and play. There's a lot at stake for him and our organization."

While Bynum called this news a baby step, he was generally upbeat about it and mentioned that he believes surgery is off the table.

"[The knees] feel real good right now. I'm confident that I'll be back on the court this season," Bynum said. "We got good news out of [the meeting]. The bone bruises are healed and the swelling is gone. Those two things are great."

"The doctors are taking their time because I want to play for 10 to 12 years and not 2. I think the biggest thing is to take our time and get it right," Bynum explained.

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