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Andrew Bynum Update: No News Is Good News?

Just like Seinfeld, this was a show about nothing.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Well, he ain't dead.

Sixers General Manager Tony DiLeo spoke with the media at around 5:30 at Wells Fargo Center and gave what has turned into a weekly State Of The Union Address regarding franchise center's Andrew Bynum's knees. During this press conference that had a surprisingly large buildup (possibly Mayan related), DiLeo basically just reported more of the same. While the Sixers' GM said Bynum is progressing in his rehab, there is still no timetable for his return from the court.

Here is the main quote from DiLeo:

"Andrew met with Dr. Altchek up in New York. The report is that his knees are healing, he is improving. He has been approved to increase his activity level, [but] still there is no timetable. A lot depends on how Andrew reacts and his body reacts to the increased activity. We do have a revised rehab plan that we put together with our medical people and his doctor. Basically, we'll go through that and as he goes through these different phases of the rehab program, if he reacts in a positive way then we go into the next step. Basically, it's probably a six-step process from low-impact to getting him on the court playing basketball."

DiLeo spent the rest of the press conference taking specific questions from the media and turning them into general answers. He did call the report "good news," for what it's worth. Whether you believe him or not is probably a legitimate question.

UPDATE: Bynum spoke with the media as well. He also has braids, so the rest of the world can continue to take great enjoyment out of his numerous hairstyles. I guess the world will go on, after all. Here are some of his quotes (the ones I could hear through the TV, anyway. Bynum speaks really softly):

  • On there being pain involved: "Yes there's still pain, but it's minimal."
  • On his level of optimism for playing this season: "Definitely. Right now, what the doctors are telling me, [the knee] should be good. I don't know exactly when."
  • On how his knees feel compared to a month ago: "They feel real good right now, actually. I'm confident that I'll be back on the court this season."
  • On surgery being a possibility: "No. I think that's off the table. That's what the doctor said, I think it's off the table."
  • On if he was worried going into today: "No. We got good news out of today. I don't want to sell it short. The bone bruises are healed and the swelling is gone, so those two things are great...."
  • On the length of the process: "We are working together. Obviously the doctors are taking their time because I want to play for 10-12 more years and not two. So I think the biggest thing here is to take our time and get it done right.
  • On if he would play today if it was the playoffs: "I would consider it but I [have to] get this mechanical issue away because it [could] open the door for further risk."
  • On what a "mechanical issue" is: "Just in the function of walking and taking steps. I get a little bit of a catching (?) and we think it's going to resolve itself in time."

I think Bynum summed it up well at the end when he called the news good, but that he still has a ways to go before he gets back. He also alluded to it being unrealistic to think that he'll be back in a couple of weeks. As of now, Bynum says that he will be on the court at some point this season, and it would be smart for the Sixers and him to stay with that stance until they know something concrete.

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