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Arnett Moultrie to D-League, Probably Unrelated to Andrew Bynum News

Do not get your hopes up.

So few Moultrie pictures.
So few Moultrie pictures.
Jared Wickerham

I mean to give this my full attention in a few days when Andrew Bynum's knees don't have me in a Figure Four Leglock, but shortly, the Sixers have decided to send Arnett Moultrie to the D-League. I have cemented my position as D-League news breaker. This is less than three weeks after they had said they were considering sending him there and less than two weeks after Doug Collins said Moultrie was to be his second big off the bench.

Now, in a vacuum, I have no problem with Moultrie playing for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He needs to get minutes and he's not quite polished. He's perfect for the D-League. My issue is with how the Sixers have handled him. It's been nothing short of idiotic and embarrassing.

Oh and this has nothing to do with Bynum. They're not clearing a roster spot for him. He hasn't even practiced. It's likely that they'll re-sign Tony Battie or something because these are the Sixers and that's what the Sixers do.

Again, I'll get to it once the Bynum stuff blows over, but for now, I'll leave you with this from my Moultrie/Collins post:

If my options are Play Moultrie 10 Minutes Per Game or Send Him To The D-League For 35, I choose the first one. I'd rather he stay close to the offense and continue improving within the system. But if he's just going to ride the pine while we watch Kwame Brown attempt to catch a pass without triggering nuclear war, send him to Sioux Falls.

Screw this team, man.

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