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Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday Will Play, & Maalik Wayns Game Time Decision vs. Hawks

I am also a game time decision, FYI.

Suited Jrue.
Suited Jrue.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For the first non-annual LB meet-up happening at tonight's Sixers game against the Atlanta Hawks, there's a very good chance that the Sixers best three players and best farm animal will spend the game on the bench. Jrue Holiday (foot - UPDATE: HE'S PLAYING TOO), Evan Turner (ankle - update: he's playing), and Maalik Wayns (hoof) are maybies with their respective ailments and Andrew Bynum (poop) is waiting for news to drop about his new injury timetable.


Without the services of their three ball-handlers, maybe Royal Ivey (if he's healthy yet?) will get some run. Otherwise we'll be treated to a lot of Dorell Wright and Nick Young point god-ing all over the place. I've been very impressed with Dorell of late, but for hilarity's sake you may as well just let Spencer Hawes handle the ball and see what happe-- nevermind he just bricked a 19-footer.

At least we'll get to see Lou Williams in his return to Philadelphia. I will shut my eyes tightly for any BOSSy tribute they may have before the game. I'm excessively confident that the fans are going to cheer him where they booed Andre Iguodala. Stupid. So stupid.

Anyway. Sixers/Hawks tonight. I'm bringing my new kicks just in case they need me to run the point. I've been practicing my dribble handoffs and blown defensive assignments day and night.

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