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Delayed Insanity: Andrew Bynum Meets With Doctor, Update Tomorrow

December 21st is now the day.

Not Andrew Bynum's Doctor. Not Andrew Bynum.
Not Andrew Bynum's Doctor. Not Andrew Bynum.
Tullio M. Puglia

The December 20th date we had marked in our calendars for the past few weeks turned out to be somewhat bogus. I just got confirmation that Andrew Bynum has met with Dr. Altchek, but it'll take until tomorrow morning/afternoon before we get an idea (clear or not) as to what this means. Apparently, we're on tape delay.

Your move, Mayans.

It's understandable, I suppose, that these things take a little more time and the Sixers don't want to scream anything from the mountaintops just yet. Getting everybody in the same room or the same conference call to go over the plan of action is a weighty task unto itself. Though I'd guess that the longer they wait, the foggier a potential Bynum return becomes.

Derek mentioned on Twitter that he doubts there's any concrete timeline to come from this news. I'm partial to agree with him. Smoky vagueness with an air of "feeling better" will likely be the story here. I highly doubt they're going to commit to a month or day that will inevitably come and go before Bynum takes the court again.

Of course the REAL reason they're waiting to give the Bynum update is because Liberty Ballers will be going to the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night for awkward drinking and the game against Atlanta. They probably just want to tell us right to our faces. Don't forget your foam fingers, guys.

Still reasonably optimistic. Still holding my breath. I think I may be clenching a bit too much. Anybody know the symptoms of Prostate Inflammation off-hand?

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