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Hold Onto Your Butts: Andrew Bynum Knee Injury Update Coming Today

The fate of the world is in somebody's hands. Not mine.

I hope he plays soon because we're seriously running out of Andrew Bynum pictures here.
I hope he plays soon because we're seriously running out of Andrew Bynum pictures here.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

December 20th has managed to arrive. Andrew Bynum's fate will be determined today. "What news from the Riddermark" you ask? Well, nothing yet. But I've been poking Dr. Karl Urban for the last 45 minutes trying to find out.

Only four days ago, Bynum said his right knee is fine and he's hoping to be cleared for impact today. Best case scenario is he gets the go-ahead to ramp up training and could feasibly see the court in a month, maybe two. Worst case scenario is I'm naked in downtown Detroit with Frankie Muniz elbow-deep in Ellio's Pizza by 4:30.

You know how important this is. I don't need to start wailing again to remind you. A lot of years and a lot of money hangs on today's news.

Minus Bynum and with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner ailing, the Sixers are less a basketball team and more an infected, swelling bugbite in between your ring finger and your pinky. They've lost five in a row and eight of ten. To say we needed some good news would be an oppressive understatement.

As of last night, Tom Moore relayed to me that he's expecting to hear something by late afternoon today. That, of course, could change. I'll be biding my time until then attempting to think up more connections between Bynum and Groundhog Day.

If you want to sway karma by reading up on all the Bynum knee lube jokes we've clocked in since October, here's the place. Stay strong. Eat breakfast. Today's a big day.

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