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Mavericks Edge Sixers 107-100 In 4th Quarter Splitting My Nads With A Bilbo Reaction Thread

That's not a Lord Of The Rings reference.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This was not a blowout. This felt like a blowout. But it was not a blowout. I have no idea how this was not a blowout. Could someone please explain to me how this was not a blowout?

Oh, wait, I guess that is my job, isn't it? Well the Sixers were led by Dorell Wright who was phenomenal today. He had 25 points on 8-16 shooting including 7-11 from beyond the arc. So much of the Sixers without Bynum hinges on shooters making shots. Tonight, Dorell Wright made shots. And he was excellent.

The Sixers were terrible defensively, though, and that is why they lost. They lost solid defensive players during the off-season, and without Jrue Holiday, they just are not good at all defensively, and that showed. The Mavs put up a 100-spot on the Sixers and were led by O.J. Mayo with 26 points on an incredible 8-12 shooting.

Full recap to come in the morning.

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