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Jrue Holiday Injures Left Foot, Nick Young May Start At Point Guard

Miracles do exist!

New point guard!
New point guard!
Bruce Bennett

If you're in the business of rooting hard for Sixers wins like your life depended on it, this is bad news. If you belong to the Jrue And Evan Development Is All That Matters camp, this is bad news. But if you love watching Nick Young do hilarious things, or you're Mike Baumann, then this may not be all bad.

And then the kicker:

Obviously being without Jrue Holiday for any significant time would do catastrophic damage to this team. They aren't very good to begin with, then you're taking away the best player on both sides of the ball. Jrue is responsible for the highest percentage of his team's points in the league. Losing him and you may as well play touch football.

Nick Young though. Man, I couldn't imagine a more hilarious venture than watching Swaggy run the point. It's highly inevitable that it's going to be Evan Turner, but I'm not going to let this NICK YOUNG POINT GOD feeling escape the clutches of my heart. I'm all aflutter.

Royal Ivey isn't traveling to Indiana with strep throat, either. So Sheep Wayns figures to get some time too. Maybe Spencer Hawes will run the point. I hear they're interested in signing Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje to play every position but small forward. They'll stick with Damien Wilkins there.

With any bad Jrue news, we become inches away from Operation Tankadelphia. The schedule becomes brutal, no Andrew Bynum, no Jrue Holiday... I'll be over here doing body shots off Shabazz Muhammad's navel.

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