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Bulls vs. Sixers Final Score: Joakim Noah Finger Gunz Down Aimless 76ers Post-Game Thread

If you didn't watch, congratulations.

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That was just awful. Outside of a good second quarter from Jrue Holiday, absolutely everyone on the team played like butt sweat and the Sixers fell to a depleted, dumb Chicago Bulls team by a final of 95-87. Jrue scored 26 but it took him 28 shots to get there and most of his shots were bad, bad shots. So many ugly ass jumpers.

The offense continues to lack cogency and though it's clear as day that the team just isn't good enough without a center to anchor everything, there is an equal amount of incompetence in Doug Collins' offensive gameplan. There is no gameplan. It does not exist. They are a collection of isolation plays and ill-advised contested jumpers. He only played 7 guys, and those guys were bad. Feeling pretty murderous towards Collins tonight.

Joakim Noah is really good. The "THEY BOOED AN INJURY" thing is overblown, as everything in this stupid world is, but he's a major dickbag. A talented dickbag, though. If Kirk Hinrich played, the Sixers probably would've won.

The Sixers combined for 9 points from the foul line and three point line. That's, uh, well.... guys?

December 20th. In spite of tremendous adversity in the contrary, I'm hoping for some good news. Andrew Bynum, do you exist?

React. Lament. Obfuscate the truth. Whatev.

Final - 12.12.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Chicago Bulls 21 20 28 27 96
Philadelphia 76ers 24 20 22 23 89

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