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Sixers vs. Bulls: Kirk Hinrich vs. Evan Turner on 12/12/12

Three numbers back to back, you guys!

missing u, battie
missing u, battie
Jonathan Daniel

The Bulls are stupid. Really stupid. Quite a few talented players, but without Derrick Rose, they are a thin, Tom Thibodeau-coached stupid team. Case in point: Marco Belinelli shot missed 16 shots last game and he played 41 minutes. Kirk Hinrich starts. Carlos Boozer Carlos Boozers.

But they're also pretty good. Joakim Noah has been nuts in Rose's absence and Luol Deng has managed to not disintegrate into sand despite Thibs playing him 41 minutes a night. They're still a top 5 defensive team and despite not going more than 8-deep on a good day, sit at 11-9 on the season.

The Sixers last showed some signs of life on the offensive end, with Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, and most notably Jrue Holiday waking up for strong games against Detroit. They'll need to move the ball around and penetrate the D if they have a chance against the Bulls tonight. Isoball won't do it.

ET always seems to have a tough time against his hometown team, shooting a career *pause for vomiting* 28.3% against them in the regular season. Gotta imagine how inside his own head Evan tends to be causes some suspect shot selection. I anticipate he'll shoot 12/12 tonight with 12 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists, 12 blocks, 12 steals, 12 turnovers, 12 shots blocked, 12 MJ shots, 12 hot dogs, and 12 Portuguese lab mice.

And just a reminder, because I hate you, that Andrew Bynum will not play. But we're 8 days away from DECEMBER 20TH JUDGMENT DAY, so light Chanukah candles or something. Getcher Philadelphia 76ers Tickets here.

Read Blog a Bull because Matt and I harbor similar feelings towards our respective franchises.

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