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Andrew Bynum On Knee Injury, Playing This Season, And Growing His Afro


Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

All the news we've gotten about Andrew Bynum has been just terrible. I've actually avoided posting some of these bits because everything that came out since they actually traded for him felt like someone was ripping off another one of my arms. And I don't have that many arms.

But now... well this isn't great. But it's, uh, a mixed bag. So. Okay! It's also a lot of quotes. For a quiet guy, this is a helluva lot of quotes. I'm just going to dump them all here and let you scan through. I've sampled from a variety of Sixers beats because we don't play favorites here (TOM MOORE <3). Plop.

I can imagine the pressure he got from everyone around him and especially himself was pretty tough to deal with. Now it seems like he accepts it. Wonder how the organization feels about all this openness. I know how Rich feels.

But most importantly:

If this doesn't make you optimistic, I don't know what will.

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