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Sixers hang on, beat Celtics behind Holiday and Turner reaction thread

Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner combined for 46 points as the 76ers defeat the Boston Celtics 106-100 in Boston. The Sixers improved to 3-2 on the season.


46 points, 14 rebounds, 17 assists from Holiday and Turner will bring a smile to any 76ers fans face.

Add in beating the Celtics in Boston to move to 3-2 on the season and slide into second place in the Atlantic? Pretty good Friday night.

A couple of quick thoughts. There will be more of a recap later tonight:

  • Jrue Holiday was absurd. Yeah, yeah, he had some turnovers. And yeah, it can't stay this high for the whole season. But the passing lanes he's seeing right now are incredible. I've honestly said "wow, what a pass by Jrue" more times this year than I did the entirety of last season. Having the ball in his hands more and the increased floor spacing is bringing out the court vision he has.
  • After starting off 1-10 from the field, the Sixers had their best offensive game of the season. They shot 7-13 from three point range and got to the line 23 times. Jrue with 6 free throw attempts, Turner with 7, and Wright with 5. Wright's now had 5+ free throw attempts in 3 of the 5 games.
  • Swaggy had a good first half. With how he's struggled, I'll take that.
  • Speaking of breaking out, if Wednesday's game was a start for Evan Turner, this is the game he really got going. He made 2 three's! 2! Unbelievable. Hopefully he can roll that momentum into tomorrow night. I liked his shot selection much more tonight than in previous games.
  • Tough second half for the Sixers defensively, but it was fun to see the team answer back with big buckets. It's hard to really evaluate the team on the defensive end when we have absolutely no weakside help down low, but 100 points to the Celtics with the way the C's are playing is not a going to get it done on most nights.
Full recap coming up later. Going to be tough to travel and play tomorrow night against a rested team, even if it is a team you would generally say the Sixers should win.

Final - 11.9.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 23 34 26 23 106
Boston Celtics 20 25 29 26 100

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