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Hornets vs. Sixers Game Thread: Read this Post Quickly Before Nick Young Shoots It

Two of the slowest-paced teams in the NBA face off in a game that could help the Sixers forget about a brutal home-and-home.

Next time, guys, don't let Wayns mix the fruit punch. He gets it everywhere.
Next time, guys, don't let Wayns mix the fruit punch. He gets it everywhere.
Drew Hallowell

Game 4
November 7th, 2012
New Orleans Arena
8:00 EST
Probable Starters
Greivis Vasquez PG Jrue Holiday
Darius Miller SG Evan Turner
Al-Farouq Aminu SF Dorell Wright
Ryan Anderson PF Thaddeus Young
Robin Lopez C Lavoy Allen
2012/13 Advanced Stats
90.6 (30) Pace 91.6 (t-26)
98.3 (26) ORtg 101.7 (17)
102.3 (16) DRtg 96.6 (3)
Game Officials
Tony Brothers
Dick Bavetta
Leroy Richardson

And now, for your pre-game amusement, a Petrarchan sonnet on the upcoming game:

In parking lots we might consume a beer,
As Holiday, in iso, burns the clock.
If Anthony Davis' head had not been knocked,
The shooters may have turned away in fear.
If awful shot selection makes you sneer,
And Al-Farouq Aminu gets the block,
Then falling, twirling jump shots and such schlock,
An ugly game for sure, but it's our year.

As Bynum sits at alone and lubes his knee,
The Sixers have to win the games they can.
Go 0-2 against the Knicks? That's bad.
The playoffs call--this we can plainly see,
With victories they need so close at hand.
A loss to NOLA? That would make me sad.

And once again, you can get the New Orleans angle on this game at At The Hive. Time's yours.

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