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Jason Richardson Injury: Vitriolic Cameraman Keeps Him Out Next Game, Too

Cameraman: "And I'd do it again, too!"

Knees and Ankles, the Sixers 2012 story.
Knees and Ankles, the Sixers 2012 story.
Drew Hallowell

Bad news didn't wait long to punch the Sixers in the face in Sunday's loss to the Knicks. Jason Richardson, who was a pleasant surprise in the Nuggets win and continues to be better than we gave him credit for post-trade, went down with an injury just 107 seconds into the contest. J-Rich missed a layup and drifted onto the baseline while Thaddeus Young tipped it back in. Backing up, Jason caught the foot of a cameraman with a vendetta and sprained the crap out of his ankle.

He sat the rest of the game -- the primary reason why Nick Young played a swagless 32 minutes -- and Chris Vito of the Delco Times reports he'll miss tomorrow's affair as well. Doug Collins spoke about the loss of J-Rich and mentioned the words "veteran" and "toughness" in the same sentence. That's all you need to know about that.

There's no reason to be risky with a sprained ankle since it hurts like a bitch, but also because of the point we are in the season and the care they should take with a guy like Richardson. Dorell Wright and Swaggy are around and so is Damien Wilkins, I suppose, so let him rest and come back to full strength in a few games. The only basketball-related injury I've suffered more than a sprained ankle is a jammed finger. Jammed one today, actually. Those suckers are so mangled, I can itch my ear and pick my nose at the same time with one hand.

Well wishes to Jason. Ice regularly. I'll be here donating money to the All Cameramen Should Be Legless fund.

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