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Highly Weird Charlotte Bobcats Host Highly Weird Sixers

The Sixers have a chance to get their 10th win of the season in Charlotte.

And BJ Mullens leg kicks!
And BJ Mullens leg kicks!
Kevin C. Cox

The Sixers are weird. We know this because we follow them religiously. But when everybody else recognizes it as well, there's got to be something especially weird about the team worth squinting at. And now Rufus on Fire's Ben Swanson of the enjoyably bizarre Charlotte Bobcats jumps in on the weirdness.

I'm not even sure how to talk about the 76ers. They made a bold move this summer, entering into the Dwight Howard deal but the main piece of the trade for them, Bynum, has yet to play a game and is out for months with more knee problems, further complicated after a bowling accident.

But in his absence, the 76ers have been playing pretty well. They're 9-6 and Jrue Holiday is playing absolutely fantastic on offense and defense. Even Richardson looks like he's turned time back a few years. As a team, Philly's defense is their hallmark and still where they excel, posting solid marks in keeping opponent eFG% down, forcing turnovers and not fouling a lot.

So the Sixers Are Weird is maybe the biological sister of Sixers Be Crazy? Or maybe they're interchangeable depending on the game. All I want is for them to stay weird, because weird rocks.

The Bobs have Ramon Sessions leading the team in scoring. And they're 7-7. The Bobs have 4 of their top 5 scorers shooting less than 40%. And they're 7-7. DeSagana Diop has played 59 minutes this season and has scored zero points. And they're 7-7. And they have a better record than the Lakers.

This one goes out to the weirdos. Philadelphia 76ers Tickets.

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