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VIDEO: Sixers and Knicks Preview with Seth Rosenthal

My favorite part was the Pablo Prigioni part.

You've got Mr. Rueter's preview with words but how about I show you MY FACE?! And SETH'S FACE?! Appealing? No? Oh. Well. I, uh... I guess hit the backpace button. Or just close your computer and do something that you're interested in doing. Your apartment needs to be vacuumed, so. Yeah. Do that.

If you would like to see Posting and Toasting's Seth Rosenthal and me talk with our faces, then click the above video or go here. Unfortunately you don't get to see the preamble where Seth and I go over things such as me in a towel, his parakeet Domingo, jury duty, and whether or not the Sixers and Knicks are professional football teams, or something. But you do get to see my girlfriend (who went to high school with Tanner) make an appearance on her way to the bathroom. Sources say she pooped, but she hasn't confirmed.

Providing you follow the site with any regularity, you know of my love for Seth. He's my favorite writer on the internet and he's just a terrific human being. He has acted in one of my short films, we have shared a milkshake at Tick Tock Diner before seeing Inception, and his mom has made me cookies. You should be reading P&T and following him on Twitter because he's a lot better at this than I am.

Enjoy the video, tell me how long it was until you stopped due to boredom/death, and go Sixers!

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