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Nooner: Sixers vs. Knicks Game Preview

The Sixers are just 81 wins away from perfection.

You mad, bro?
You mad, bro?

Fresh off a solid home victory over the Denver Nuggets, the Sixers head up north to square off against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. We have a very early start time tomorrow - noon EST - which means that the winner will take on 7th seed, Seton Hall, in the 2nd round of the Big East Tournament Monday.

I attended the home opener Wednesday with my dear friend, Tanner, and left quite impressed. The Sixers bottled up a potent Nuggets offense, and were led offensively by the newly resigned, Jrue Holiday, and Mt. Spence. It was surreal hearing the Wells Fargo Center reverberate with chants of "MVP" for the much-maligned big man, but that confusion was quickly replaced by conformity. Of course I joined in. I'm a sheep, obviously - a sheep that apparently turned in his MVP ballot during the second half of game 1 of the regular season.

I‘m fascinated by Spencer Hawes. His ability to dominate in the early part of the regular season is perhaps the 10th Wonder of the World, behind Andre the Giant and Chyna. He's the ultimate troll. I love Hawes. I hate him. I'm in on the joke. The joke's on me. Spencer Hawes is a guy who will continue to tease and torture the Sixers fan base like a dominatrix. There's no point fighting it. He'll be a Sixer for the next ten years.

You're with us, leather.

Due to extenuating circumstances (and here's hoping for a speedy return to normalcy for our friends in New Jersey and NYC), the Knicks finally kicked off their campaign last night with a convincing home win over the Miami Heat. Rasheed Wallace and co. blitzed the Heat from the opening tip, taking a 33-17 lead after one quarter, in route to a 104-84 victory.

Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 30 points and 10 boards, on an economical 10-28 from the field.

Remember This Box Score: October 31st, 2000: Sixers at Knicks

While most teenagers were "out," and at "parties," and meeting "girls" on Halloween, I spent this particular night with Marc, Mix, and The Black Shirts. The Sixers opened their campaign at the Garden, and stomped the Knicks in route to a 29-point win. Along with Toni Kukoc's gorgeous stat line, I love that the Knicks trotted out two Manhattanites in Felton Spencer and Travis Knight costumes.

Also, Pepe Sanchez! Fight, fight, fight for the Cherry and White.

Remember This Knick: Mike Sweetney

I still have no idea why Mike Sweetney isn't averaging 20 and 10 in the NBA. Sweetney, a Georgetown product, was one of those big, bulky power forwards who stumbled into double-digit rebound games. Not quite the procedure implemented at Draft Express, I tend to grade each NBA prospect based on how they played against Notre Dame. That's why if I was a GM, I would round out a starting five with Khalid El-Amin, Preston Shumpert, Ryan Gomes, Mike Sweetney, and Samardo Samuels. That's a rock solid line-up.

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91-87 Knicks

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