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NBA Power Rankings: The Sixers and Mediocracy

After a mediocratic 2-2 week, let's find out where national experts rank our Philadelphia 76ers.


Jrue Holiday week started off with a bang on Sunday as he had what was statistically the best game of his career. Posting a line of 33 points, 13 assists with just two turnovers, Jrue is just adding to what has already been that "jump ahead year" many have expecting from the young (wild and free) point guard. With Jrue as the offensive catalyst, the Sixers went 2-2 over the past week with what I like to call a "schedule loss" in Cleveland (and that Jeremy Pargo is front-runner for MVP).

With chalkboard wins over the Suns and Raptors sandwiching (mmmmmmmmm samich) the loss at Cleveland and at home against the Thunder, let's see where the Sixers rank amongst the rest of the NBA. Welcome to another edition of the NBA Power Rankings, brought to you by Carly Rose Sonenclar.

SB Nation - 15th (8th in East)

The Sixers continue to defend decently enough to keep games competitive without Andrew Bynum (and all signs suggest they'll have to keep doing that for a while). On occasions when a Sixer aptly assumes Bynum's role as offensive centerpiece, they have enough to win those games. Jrue Holiday's been the guy most likely to step up. - 16th (8th in East)

Andrew Bynum is out indefinitely. While the Sixers have coped by relying on their D, athleticism and Jrue Holiday's living up to his contract extension as effectively as any 2009 first-rounder not named Griffin or Harden, there are no words I can put here to soften the blow of that first sentence. - 13th (6th in East)

As we wonder if Andrew Bynum is ever going to play for the Sixers, the Sixers who can play continue to stay afloat. It's still tough to figure out exactly what kind of team they are, especially since they haven't defended that well of late and the offense seems to come from a different place every night.

Hoopsworld - 8th (4th in East)

The timeline for Andrew Bynum's return is now considered "indefinite."

Pro Basketball Talk (aka Evan Fournier fanpage) - 9th (5th in East)

With Andrew Bynum out until lord knows when, Doug Collins is just turning the offense over to Jrue Holiday, and that has been enough. For now. Defense and athleticism are getting them by but you feel like the bottom could fall out of this any time.

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