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Andrew Bynum Out Indefinitely, Eat More Leftovers And Swallow Your Tears

News we knew. News we feared.


It was only a matter of time before this happened. Prior to the Oklahoma City game, Tony DiLeo spoke to reporters and gave them a post-Thanksgiving update on the health or lack of health of Andrew Bynum. And the news, like all the news we've had since August, is bad.

As to whether or not the team will have Bynum at all this season is totally unknown. We had no idea any of this was imminent back in August when the trade was made and I would like to go back and punch my optimistic self in the throat, Neeson style.

All speculation, of course, but I'm of the opinion that the Sixers were completely full of shit when they said the timetable for Andrew's return hadn't been changed after the BOWLO incident. Not much they could've done, but the constant shiftiness the organization has displayed over the entire affair doesn't exactly warm my heart. Though Chris Vito has a few other quotes from DiLeo disputing that.

Obviously we can't trust anything the organization says at this point, but we do have a few telling quotes from the GM about the past and the future.

As to a contract in the offseason: I don't want to guess. There's a strong possibility that he walks and never puts a Sixers uniform on.

Happy Thanksgiving. We have a mediocre team. Who knows what's going to happen next. I am depression-shoveling turkey down my throat.

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