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Are 76ers hiding injury news about Andrew Bynum?

Andrew Bynum was supposed to put the 76ers over the top, but he can't seem to get healthy.


The Philadelphia 76ers traded for center Andrew Bynum in the offseason, believing that he could make them a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference.

So far, Philadelphia is yet to see Bynum on the court due to a balky right knee. Now, there are rumors his knee could be in worst shape than initially feared, according to

Bynum's agent, David Lee, will not permit Dr. David W. Altchek, his client's surgeon, to speak with the media about what exactly is wrong with Bynum. At first, the injury was thought to be a bone bruise, but now the big man has been ruled out at least until January, all without an explanation.

One surgeon who hasn't seen Bynum's MRIs and doesn't work with him believes Bynum could be suffering from lesions on his knee, which would likely cost him the season. In the best case scenario, he would at least be out until March or April, according to the doctor.

The unidentified surgeon gathered that opinion from the news that has made its way to the public.

For his part, Bynum said on Sunday that lesions haven't been brought up by Altchek as a possible problem.

It's all still a mystery that's maddening the 76ers and their fans.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.

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