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Casual Friday Liberty Links Lounge: Spencer Hawes MVP Edition

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone!

May your Friday be Swaggy.
May your Friday be Swaggy.

Welcome to another edition of the Liberty Links Lounge.

Lots of things to touch on this week as the Sixers made their season debut. Some miscellaneous thoughts before the links:

  • Still crushing hard on Dorell Wright.
  • Congrats on the new contract, Jrue Holiday. Looking forward to seeing you take the next step.
  • After Wednesday night, REALLY can't wait to see what this team looks like with Bynum. If the Sixers go undefeated without him, 82-0 should be a cakewalk. Can you say "championship"?
  • Really disappointed we didn't see Kwame Brown play yet.
  • The lockout may have sucked, but I enjoyed having games on almost every other night. Having to wait 3 days in between games, like we currently are, is rough.
  • Diggin' those blue jerseys. And I'm not alone.
  • That was a really good Spencer Hawes costume that Andrew Bynum was wearing the other night.
  • Let's take down the Knicks.


Holiday glad to be part of Sixers' long-term plans - CSN Philly

Us too, Jrue.

Is Andrew Bynum in costume or not?, part 2 - The Basketball Jones

You don't need knees to have style.

Lunch Break - Matt Cord - CSN Philly

Rhea Hughes sits down with Sixers PA Announcer Matt Cord to talk about Sixers stuff.

Recalling a great Sixers trade: George McGinnis for Bobby Jones -

This was way before my time.

Sixers to Unveil Big Bella, World's Largest T-Shirt Launcher Tonight - The 700 Level

Who needs Andrew Bynum when you have THIS?! Video of the launcher included.

Andre Iguodala, the 'too many stats All-Star', returns to Philadelphia - SB Nation

"Andre Iguodala received a mixed reaction upon his return to Philly, which is just about right given his tenure there. Paul Flannery writes about Iguodala's past, future and legacy in Philadelphia and points beyond."

The 2012 Sixers in Movie Posters - Liberty Ballers

You've probably already seen this, but this was just WAY too good not to link to again.

GameThread Stats:

(Click image to enlarge)



REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to bathe before threading) and avoid touchy subjects like religion/politics/etc, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!

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