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Are the Sixers Better Without Andrew Bynum? Yes.

Proof positive.

So Spencer.
So Spencer.

We were all jubilant when the Sixers traded for Andrew Bynum this offseason, but it's been three months since they got him and he hasn't done anything for this team. His knees are glassier than Mr. White's crystal and he used to be a Laker so that should tell you all you need to know about him. But still, I was eagerly anticipating his debut whenever it happened.

Then the Sixers went out and proved they don't need him. They beat Andre Iguodala (bum) and Andre Miller (should of kept) and the Denver Nuggets, sending a message to the entire NBA that even if Bynum never plays a minute here, they're a championship contender. In fact, I think they're a better team without him.

Spencer Hawes is definitely good enough to start for the Sixers and if he keeps playing like he did last night, he should make the All-Star Game. When you have an opportunity to start and All-Star, you do it. Plus he's white and I always like rooting for white people better anyway.

They're 100% without Bynum and haven't won a single game with him yet so I think my point is proven.

So Andrew, please stay in your dumb suit on the sidelines. We don't want you here. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Sixers playoffs baby!

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