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NBA Power Rankings: Sixers All Over The Place

Where do the Sixers rank amongst the rest of the NBA after an action packed week of bowling, loud shoes, and Uncle Jrue?

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Week 4 of the NBA season tips off tonight (it's like football, y'all) which means it's time for us to see what's going on in the NBA power ranger ranking world.

This week had some downers to say the least. With bowling injuries and what was quite possibly the worst 76ers game in the Doug Collins era, Sixer-land needed something positive which came from Jrue Holiday's performance on Friday against Utah and his lockdown defense on Uncle Drew yesterday. With the ups and downs of the past week, let's see where the experts have the Sixers slotted. Welcome to the Week 4 NBA Power Rankings, brought to you by "Alley Cats Strike".

SB Nation - 9th (4th in East)

The Andrew Bynum stuff is incredibly frustrating, but the rest of the Sixers are 6-4, you know. They're just quietly defending, taking care of the ball and beating the teams they should beat. Except for the Pistons. They very much did not beat the Pistons, and they very much should have beaten the Pistons. - 11th (6th in East)

The Bynum-less Sixers have been a rather Jekyll and Hyde crew, starring Evan Turner and Nick Young as the barometers. The pair is shooting 47 percent in the five wins and 26 percent in the four losses. - 15th (8th in East)

On two separate Mondays already this season, Philly has released a fairly gloomy Andrew Bynum update not long after these rankings hit cyberspace. The latest bad-news Bynum bulletin spilled out over the weekend this time and thus drags the Sixers down with the subtlety of a gutter ball. - 10th (5th in East)

Andrew Bynum did further damage to his knees while bowling? Bowling?

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