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Andrew Bynum suffers setback, timetable allegedly remains same

Andrew Bynum told reporters before today's game against the Utah Jazz that he has suffered a setback. The prized offseason acquisition, who has been out since suffering a bone bruise in his left knee in early September, now has swelling in his left knee and cartilage damage in both knees.


Before tonight's Sixers vs Utah Jazz game at the Wells Fargo Center, Andrew Bynum revealed to reporters that he has suffered a setback in his recovery.

Bynum suffered a bone bruise in his left knee in early September. He told reporters today that he overcompensated due to the injury, and he now has swelling in his right knee, and cartilage damage in both knees.

At this time, there is no surgery expected for Bynum. His timetable, which had previously been set at resuming basketball activities by December 10th, is still allegedly the same, although the team general manager Tony DiLeo stated the team will re-evaluate Bynum's knees in mid-December.

"Just working through some issues with the right knee I kind of have a mirror thing going on with the left knee. I don't know what's going on," Bynum said to Bob Cooney earlier in the day. "The doctors are saying it's a weakened cartilage state so we kind of wait, I guess. We can't do anything. I just have to wait for the cartilage to get strong."

76ers general manager Tony DiLeo provided the following update (again courtesy of Bob Cooney):

From our point of view it's a situation where we have to continue to be patient. We want to be cautious. We're looking long term not short term and big picture. We're going to do what is best for Andrew and best for the organization and try to get him as healthy as he can be and try to get him back on the court when he is ready.

His body will be the indicator, when he's feeling good, when that pain subsides from his knees when he can step up in his rehab and do more strenuous activities, that will be the indicator. A date is very difficult, as you know. We just want to get him healthy and get him out there when he's ready. We think we have a good team now and when he's ready to get out there we'll have a better team. In the end we want to see our complete team with Andrew out there.

Plain and simple we're trying to rehab his knees so they're healthy and he can get out there and play like he did last season. That's our goal. When he's ready, and it's hard to predict when he'll be ready, hopefully sooner than later. Main concern is Andrew's health. Main concern is big picture. We want to have a long relationship with him.

I think it's the same time table because both knees have to heal. That's what we're going with. When the pain subsides, when he can do more strenuous activities, when we can get him out on the court to basketball activities we'll know a lot more.

He'll be reevaluated in mid-December, he'll have another MRI and we'll see what the progress is. The players have to be confident that they can play. You cannot ask a player to play injured. Whenever he feels confident that he can get out there and he's healthy and he can help the team, we both want the same goal. We don't want a player going out there injured and maybe creating more injury or more damage. This is a situation when he feels confident, when the doctors feel confident that everything's OK, that's when he'll be back on the court.

He saw his doctor a couple of days ago. He had an MRI on his left knee.

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