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Sixers fall to Bucks and hot-shooting Jennings reaction thread

The Shootout at The Wells Fargo Center goes to the visitors.


The Milwaukee Bucks walked into the Wells Fargo Center and defeated the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 105-96. Not the way that the Sixers wanted to start the homestand after winning three on the road. Here are some thoughts:

  • This was an entertaining game, even if it was a sort of roller coaster with both teams trading runs where they couldn't miss and couldn't make. It sure made for some compelling viewing.
  • l love Jrue Holiday and much of the way that he's played so far this year. He had so many moments of brilliance tonight, either attacking the tin, or getting into the teeth of the defense and kicking out to shooters. But there is one huge cloud hanging over Jrue's game right now and it's that he's turning the ball over at an absurdly high rate. Tonight in the 4th quarter especially, these were lazy turnovers, and live-ball ones which made up a fair portion of Milwaukee's 29 points off turnovers. Can't have them.
  • The Sixers didn't show any effort in the first-half on the defensive end where they gave up 62 points. Lazy transition defense, bad pick-and-roll coverage, the occasional killer offensive rebound, you name it. Michael Curry and Doug Collins definitely lit into them at halftime and the defense did improve in the second half.
  • Give credit to the Bucks. Yes, the Sixers played poor defense at times, but man, Milwaukee couldn't miss for much of the game. Brandon Jennings had 33 points on 21 shots, which, if you're new to this, ain't too bad. Even when Jennings was well defended on some plays, especially a killer three in the fourth quarter where Royal Ivey forced him into a rushed 27 footer, he still made shots. It's going to happen to you on some nights.
  • Thaddeus Young was the real spark on the defensive end in the 3rd Quarter. Sure, Thad is undersized for the 4, but he covers so much ground that he's a weapon on that end.

Final - 11.12.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Milwaukee Bucks 34 28 21 22 105
Philadelphia 76ers 26 24 33 13 96

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