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Andrew Bynum Knee Injury Keeping Him Out Until January, Oh Really.

Some bad news to brighten up your Monday!

Could really use some pictures of Bynum in a Sixers uniform.
Could really use some pictures of Bynum in a Sixers uniform.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I'll do this quickly because we'll have more later. The Sixers have released an update on the knee injury of Andrew Bynum, only a few days after telling me there is no update at this time. And, well, it's not very good. It's pretty much what we assumed, but seeing it on paper (not real paper) makes it more tangibly upsetting.

If the current prognosis holds unchanged, Bynum would be cleared to resume normal basketball activity by approximately December 10. In addition, the team estimates that Bynum in turn will need an additional 1-4 weeks thereafter for conditioning, training and practice before being able to resume game play with significant minutes.

And here's what we got from GM Tony DiLeo.

We know that Sixers fans are eager to see Andrew Bynum play and shine in a 76ers uniform. We also know that no one is more eager to see Andrew play for the Sixers than Andrew himself. He fully realizes the key contribution he can make to the team. Hopefully, that day is coming soon.


I'm not going to address how convenient it is that the Sixers released this news the day after the Eagles got embarrassed by the Cowboys and lost their fifth straight game. I'm not going to address it. I won't even mention it. Because we're better than that and-- shit. Nevermind.

With Bynum out, we'll need to see Lavoy Allen do something good. Anything, really. Dude has had a rough go of it in the first six games of the season and with Spencer Hawes' Wight Howard phase coming to an end in a few games, Mr. 500 will need to step up. At least we've got more of Jrue Holiday: Great Basketball Player time ahead of us.

Trying to look at the bright side -- because we do that now -- and we can come up with a few reasons this is "good". One, they're being safe with him because he's the franchise. We want him healthy for years to come and it doesn't make sense to waste it in a year they're likely not going to win anything anyway. Two, when he does get back, they could feasibly be a better basketball team than they would've been had they been depending on him for a while before he got hurt.

But two more months without Bynum doesn't make anybody happy. At least the Sixers have stopped being completely shady and weird about it. Not mentioning the Eagles.

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