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Streaking Sixers topple Toronto 93-83

Toronto's camouflage uniforms couldn't hide their inability to corral the young and athletic Sixers, who completed a clean sweep of their three-game road trip.

Nick "Swaggy P" Young shakes off his defender
Nick "Swaggy P" Young shakes off his defender
Tom Szczerbowski / US Presswire

Not even Jrue Holiday's game-high seven turnovers could stop Swaggy P's shine tonight as the Sixers toppled the Toronto Raptors, 93-83.

The Raptors limped into tonight's contest with their most consistent scorer, Kyle Lowry (18.3 ppg), sidelined by an ankle sprain and entrenched in a streak of eight consecutive games against opponents who made postseason appearances last year.

Fueled by back-to-back wins in New Orleans and Boston, the Sixers entered tonight's game hoping to extend their win streak to three, and cap off their road trip with a clean sweep.

After a closely-contested first quarter, the Sixers broke the game wide open in the second thanks in large part to Nick "Swaggy P" Young who remembered to turn his swag on. Swaggy P was largely responsible for the 12-minute, 32-7 rout that put the Toronto Raptors in the basement and the game out of reach, scoring 11 of his 16 points in the second stanza.

Three Sixers tied for a team-high 16 points in Thaddeus Young, Holiday and one Nick "Swaggy P" Young, but their individual games couldn't have been more different.

With Holiday's 16 points came the aforementioned seven turnovers, nearly half of the team's 15 total ballhandling gaffes.

That's not to ignore Thaddeus Young's 16 points, however. The younger Young (see what I did there?) had himself a decidedly more well-rounded night -- adding eight rebounds, two assists and a steal.

Evan Turner, coming off last night's brilliant 25-point performance in Boston left much to be desired offensively, chipping in only eight points on 2-for-7 shooting, but pulled down a team and season-high 12 boards.

Not to be forgotten, Dorell Wright added 15 points of his own by continually finding himself unguarded in the backcourt. He finished the night 4-for-8 beyond the arc.

After scouring the box score, it'd be hard to choose just one Sixer and call him the team's best performer tonight with any degree of certainty. In a sense, the diversity of performances of the team's top performers is indicative of the exoskeleton of this Sixers squad.

It seems that each night a steady rotation of players step up to the challenge and carry the Sixers on their backs, but it's never the same duo or trio as the night before. It's a blessing, and if you're an avid Evan Turner supporter/apologist, a curse.

The unpredictability of the night's hero(es) is what makes this team both dynamic and exciting, especially in a game like tonight where the squad came out flat in the opening minutes of the contest, only to bounce back and outscore Toronto 40-11 in the first half.

If nothing else, I take solace in the fact that at least we predicted one thing correctly: Toronto's Andrea Bargnani continued to beat up on the Sixers again this season, notching a game-high 23 points on 9-for-19 shooting from the field, but couldn't nullify Spencer Hawes.

Hawes, still the mulleted (but star-studded-headbandless) mambo, quietly posted his second double-double of the season (12 points, 11 rebounds), proving that news about his hair garners more attention than his actual performance.

Final - 11.10.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 20 32 17 24 93
Toronto Raptors 26 7 29 21 83

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SIDE NOTE: Speaking of appearances garnering more attention than performances, the Raptors donned camouflage uniforms tonight in honor of Remembrance Day, but this certainly was not a performance they're eager to remember.

Don't believe me? Check out Raptors HQ for their take on tonight's matchup.

Next up, the Sixers head home to kick off a 10 day, five game homestand. The Milwaukee Bucks are first up at the Wells Fargo Center on Monday night. Check out Bucks vs 76ers coverage here.

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