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VIDEO: Evan Turner Interns for Men's Health, Is Large

He also beats up on a Michigan alum.

Men's Health

This is just the fluff I needed to restore my faith in Evan Turner The Basketball Player. After a bad preseason and an ugly opening night against the Denver Nuggets, the Turner bandwagon is getting thinner and thinner -- to the point of previous conductor Jordan Sams (tweeting from the LB account) has a foot and a half out the window.

But I received an email from Men's Health Associate Editor Andrew Daniels linking me to this article in which the below video was displayed. In a fun bit that displayed Evan's non-horrendous acting ability (he's no Jesus Shuttlesworth), Evan gets hired by the team at Men's Health to become an intern and do intern-y things. I've had five internships in my day so this is a position near and dear to my heart. Evan plays it off well.

There is also video proof that Evan hit a three. Watch it for that alone.

Man I would really like him to be great.

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