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Nuggets vs. Sixers: Jason Richardson to Start Over Dorell Wright

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Surprise! Double surprise!

Bruce Bennett



We've been penciling Jason Richardson in as the starter next to Evan Turner for a month or two, but Doug Collins ain't afraid of no ghost so we've got a bit of a shock a half-hour before gametime. It's gonna be Dorell Wright at the other wing spot.

Remains to be seen if this is a permanent thing or just due to matchup. Maybe the Danilo Gallinari injury had something to do with it? I'd guess it did. I still think J-Rich will see a good deal of minutes, especially if Evan struggles shooting the ball, but this sets some sort of tone off the bat that the starting lineup is a very fluid beast.

What do you guys think? I'm loving it. And I'm just as excited to see what Nick Young can do off the bench.