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The 2012 Sixers in Movie Posters

There usually isn't much crossover between Sixers and film. But sometimes: there is.

One of my favorite things about this site is that basketball isn't the only topic of conversation here. Awkward tension, movies, food, limb detachment, and Casa De Rueter are all just as integral to the site as the goings on of our Philadelphia 76ers. About a month ago I reached out to LB's Photoshop Maven, andyreidswaistline, to do a Sixers Movie Mash-Up for the coming season.

Some of these ideas are mine (the terrible ones), but most are from ARWL. He's a stud. Thanks to him for making this happen. After checking with our legal team at SBN to make sure this won't get us sued by Paramount, Sony, Universal, Disney, Lionsgate, and Fox Seachlight, we've got a gallery for you. Photos graciously provided by US Presswire.

And now I would like to present to you the Sixers 2012 season preview in movie posters. It's basically everything you'll ever want from your favorite professional basketball team.

Dig in.

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