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Jrue Holiday Unlikely to Sign Extension With Sixers Wednesday

With the 5 PM deadline looming, it doesn't seem like the two sides will sign.

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The case of Jrue Holiday and his first non-rookie NBA contract is becoming a thing. Initially, word out of Jrue's camp was that he wanted a max contract. That wasn't going to happen, especially after last season's step back in efficiency. Then, a week ago, we heard the two sides were "miles apart" on coming to an agreement, though maybe that was just because they were negotiating over the phone and interstate cell service was spotty.

Now comes the expected news that Jrue won't be signing a contract before Wednesday's 5 PM deadline barring anything miraculous happening. From Sam Amick:

"We've had conversations, but I don't feel like any progress has been made," agent Tony Dutt told USA Today Sports on Monday of the talks with the Sixers. "We haven't talked in a while."

Talking is important, and seeing as they're not doing it, I'm pretty comfortable saying Jrue will be a restricted free agent heading into next summer. That's not the worst thing in the world, though it could be potentially be damaging to the Sixers cap situation. Jrue has a number in his head, and thus far he hasn't strayed from that number. If he has a great year, which we're obviously hoping he does, that number could go up. If he doesn't, then the Sixers will have a really tough decision to make between Jrue and Evan Turner next offseason.

The inevitable max contract (or knee removal) of Andrew Bynum will tighten the Sixers' belts a bit. They can't go doling out max contracts to every Fruity Pebbles lover that can handle the rock. Financial responsibility, especially now that this team matters, is prudent. Just make sure they get it right next offseason.


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