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The Official 2012-2013 Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest

The 2012-2013 Philadelphia 76ers campaign begins tomorrow. Correctly predict what shenanigans will ensue and win a prize!

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Can you believe the start of the Sixers season is less than 36 hours away? After all the offseason hoopla of drafting Moe Harkless (how could you be?) and (Will) Arnett Moultrie to surprisingly landing a top 3 center in the NBA, we'll finally get to see (the majority of) our freshly made-over 76ers in actual, legit basketball. We've been debating, yelling, and pantomiming all of our opinions about where this team is, how good/bad Evan Turner is, and what sort of extension Jrue Holiday deserves (I'm still pushing for the hair kind).

With the regular season beginning tomorrow, it's time to end the chatter and make your official predictions. Last season's winner was the beautiful and talented soman319, who came away with his own Liberty Ballers t-shirt (still hasn't decided which one he wants) and a personalized video of Mike working out with "Burning Heart" blasting in the background (my favorite part were the mostly naked one-handed pull-ups).

This year's prize will also be a free Liberty Ballers t-shirt of your choosing. If you're not exactly into wearing clothes, an alternate option will also be available. Sources close to me are indicating it'll be a clip of Dave and I acting out a scene of your choosing from "Toy Story". Dave looks good in a Mr. Potato Head outfit.

But enough about the prizes. Allow me to present to you, the questions for the 2012-2013 Official Liberty Ballers Prediction Contest (you'll have until 7:00 PM Eastern, October 31st to get your predictions in)

1) How many games will the 76ers win during the regular season?

2) How many times will the 76ers cover the spread during the regular season?

3) How many regular season games will Andrew Bynum play in?

4) Who will be the first 76er to be traded? "Nobody" is an acceptable choice.

5) How many double-doubles will Jrue Holiday record this season?

6) Evan Turner will start ____ games for the 76ers in the regular season?

7) Andre Iguodala is on the Nuggets. Louis Williams is on the Hawks. The Sixers record against these respective teams will be? (Note: They play 2 games agains the Nuggets and 4 games against the Hawks)

8) What position in the Eastern Conference will the 76ers finish?

9) Out of Jrue Holiday, Jason Richardson, Nick Young, and Dorell Wright, who will make the most 3-pointers?

10) What will be the total for Evan Turner's points, rebounds, and assists average (IE 10 points, 6 boards, and 4 assists would be a total of 20)?

In case of a tie or just for funsies, make your predictions on these 5 general NBA questions:

1) The NBA MVP will be...?

2) The NBA rookie of the year will be...?

3) Which team will represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals?

4) Who will finish the year with more field goal attempts: Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant?

5) Who will win the NBA Most Improved Player of the Year Award?

If there is still a tie after taking the 5 general NBA questions into account, the commenter who posted his/her predictions first will be declared winner and ruler of John Adams High School (well, you'll have to go through Harley Keiner first).


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