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2012 NBA Playoffs GameThread Stats Archive

An archive of Liberty Ballers GameThread stats from the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

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They're finally here! The 2012 LB GameThread stats are finally here! Celebration! Poop for everyone! Break out the chicken noodle soup!

If you're new to the site or have no idea what the heck a "GameThread stats" is, it's basically a chart of the comments in our GameThreads here at Liberty Ballers. I take the time to sort through them and organize the comments into categories later used for (useless) statistical analysis. I see it as a way to pay tribute to the great community that comments (and lurks!) here. GameThreads are a real fun place, and if you don't already comment in them, I encourage you to not post in them so I don't have to sort through as many comments start posting in them so you can join the fun!

I'm going to do my best to do one for every game this year if possible. I'm wondering how I should release them: a collection of the graphs per week? per month? Either way, I'll probably end up tweeting the results at some point, and if you ever want to contact me so you can see one feel free to do so by sending me an email or tweeting me @PhillyFollower.

I also welcome any suggestions or ideas that you feel would enhance the GTStats. I'm always looking to improve them.

And in case you missed it, here's a link to the 2011-2012 Regular Season GTStats archive.

Once again, allow me to apologize on the lateness of these. They might say better late than never, but never late is better. And I take full responsibility for that. I goofed. It's something we'll work on and use every day to get better.

Time's yours. The graphs are listed in order (Bulls games 1-6, then Celtics games 1-7).

Scroll down past the graphs for more statistical analysis.





























I gave POINTZ!!! to each of the top 3 commenters per night on a 10-7-5 scale.

Final standings:

Michael Levin - 102
jefu - 44
Brandon Lee - 38
the new Bradfather - 24
nadam - 19
Saul - 17
soman319 - 12
TwistyWristy - 10
nyunole - 7
highwaterhello - 5
devbrian - 5
bpk228480 - 5

Nights finished as top commenter:

Michael Levin - 9 (Longest streak: 7 games in a row)
jefu - 3
the new Bradfather - 1

Comment of the Night standings:

Michael Levin - 2
All others individually - 1

Best GameThread title:

"Sixers vs. Celtics Game Six Thread: Do or Die, Win or Cry" - by Tanner Steidel

Top reoccurring classified banter topic:

Awkward tension


Most total comments - 1402 - Celts1

Highest comment % by single user - 21.81% Michael Levin - Bulls1

Highest comment % by top 3 - 44.44% Michael Levin, nadam, TwistyWristy - Bulls1

Highest Philly Sports % - 88.59% - Celts7

Highest Sixers % - 87.30% - Celts7

Lowest Sixers % - 79.91% - Bulls5

Highest Phillies % - 3.36% - Celts3

Highest Flyers % - 1.81% Bulls5

Highest Eagles % - 0.67% - Celts3

Highest Classified Banter % - 14.01$ - Bulls6

Highest Classified Banter Topic % - PLAYER INTROS (4.19%) - Bulls3

Highest Unclassified Mindless Banter % - 7.13% - Celts3


Miscellaneous notes:

  • We were really, really frustrated with Spencer Hawes. Especially in that Celtics series. It was ugly.
  • We annoyed by Paul Pierce's constant yelling in order to draw a foul.
  • KG set soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many illegal screens. It was ridiculous.
  • Carlos Boozer is annoying, but we got the last laugh. Boozerface.
  • Spencer Hawes was bad.
  • Lavoy Allen came up huge in the playoffs. Who the heck saw that coming? He mightily exceeded expectations. Good for Lavoy.
  • Michael Levin experiences lots of bleeding and pain during Sixers games.
  • GameThreads are always fun, but they're even better when Dave shows up after he's had a few drinks.
  • Awkward tension. Always.
  • Jason Rondo, Rajon Rondo, Ramon Hondo. Either way, ugh. He killed us.
  • Chris Bosh is on the Thunder, apparently.


So what were you favorite threads? Favorite topics? Favorite CotN?


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