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NBA Weekly Power Rankings, The First Edition

With the NBA regular season beginning on Tuesday, here are your first edition of power rankings from around the internet and basketball world.

Bruce Bennett

We are just one day away from the start of the 2012-2013 NBA season and two days away from the start of the new Sixers season. Although the east coast is pretty much shut down at this point, the NBA and the power rankings don't stop for anybody.

In year's past, Jordan and his little dogs would sit down and compile the list of popular NBA power rankings lists. While Jordan may be gone (miss you), his little dogs are I are still here to bring you the finest of power rankings from across the country. So without further ado, your first encounter with the 2012-2013 power rankings, brought to you by Marlo's Tootsie Pops. aka SB Nation - 13th (7th in East)

This is a drastically different team than last year's band of scrappy upstarts, and it's already unclear how much they'll be able to rely on their huge new asset and his creaky knees. (Andrew Bynum. We're talking about Andrew Bynum, if that wasn't evident). Philly has the shooters it lacked last season, but it's hard to picture this group defending as competently as last year's. Like a lot of the teams around them on this list, the Sixers are just too new to comfortably assess here in late October. Yet here we are.

ESPN - 14th (7th in East)

The fact we've scarcely seen a dribble out of the ailing Bynum, after all the September hoopla about his arrival in this cyberspace, pretty much assures that the 11-year-old committee (of one) will be subjected to Power Rankings jinx taunts for the 11th straight season.

Hoopsworld - 9th (5th in East)

If Andrew Bynum can get and stay healthy the 76ers could win 60 percent of their games. At this point that's a big if. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner will get all the looks they want, so it’s possible both make huge jumps as players and that moves Philly into the 4th-5th seed discussion. The 76ers have lots of shooting and lots of depth. - 8th (4th in East)

Andrew Bynum in the middle, a bunch of steady perimeter shooters and an up-and-coming point guard in Jrue Holiday. And when it comes to hunger, Sixers are the Thunder of the East.

Sheridan Hoops - 11th (4th in East)

Despite last spring’s run to East semis and this fall’s 6-1 preseason, you’d like their chances better with the Andrew Bynum who was an All-Star starter, averaging 19-12. Unfortunately, the Bynum they got waited until August to have knee procedure in Germany and is back to having to show he can stay healthy.

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