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Philadelphia 76ers 2012-13 Season Predictions With My Face

What Sixer will want to punch me in my stupid face this season?

All around SB Nation NBA, deformed and hideous bloggers are extracting themselves from the vampire casket in their mom's obligatory basement and going on Google Hangouts with our undeniably attractive NBA league manager, Seth Pollack. This is the result. Especially the awkward beginning, which is almost too much to bear. I'd just skip forward about 15 seconds so your face doesn't fall off due to uncomfortableness.

We'll be providing you a lot more video content this year especially if you want to see more of our faces (Dave is gorgeous) and this doesn't turn you off to Liberty Ballers from now until the end of time. Here we go over some predictions for our Sixers this season and I try not to drool over myself about a healthy Andrew Bynum.

At the very least, watch Seth Rosenthal's video, which enforces my viewpoint that Seths are always better with a bird named Domingo involved. It's glorious.

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