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Andrew Bynum Injury: He Can Stand But Still Not Playing Basketball

Needed more knee lube.

Doug Pensinger

Per every Sixers beat writer on Twitter again and again, Andrew Bynum isn't playing today. The Sixers had said October 24th would be when he'd return to practice, but, alas, he's not practicing. He was practicing for like a minute or two -- per our boy Tom Moore he stopped during a drill when he felt some discomfort. I blame practice itself. Tell 'em, Allen.

As everything tends to be, Drew's status against the Nuggets is up in the air. It's not painful when he's just standing around, hangin' with the fellas. But when he gets into the bump n' grind, things start to feel cranky. We don't want a cranky knee'd Bynum.

Doug Collins reiterated what he had previously announced -- without Bynum on Opening Night, the Sixers will start Lavoy Allen and Thaddeus Young in the frontcourt. I don't think they will fare very well against Javale McGee and Kenneth Faried. Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown will be playing Gin Rummy together on the bench to build rapport. Spike Eskin tweeted some truth about the Sixers rotating frontcourt even before one game has been played.

In terms of the big picture, I stand by my argument from 8 days ago where I preached patience with his knee injury. If he has to miss games, he has to miss games. As much as I want to see him out there owning faces and dropping three-bombs from the top of the key, we have to train ourselves to think big picture. We have a potential star. It would not be wise to risk further injury just to have him for show-and-tell on Opening Night.

With that said, please get better Andrew. I would very much like to watch you play basketball for the Sixers.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lube. Sixers 2012.

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