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Concerns Heading into Sixers 2012 Season

Knees, knees, knees.

One of my favorite Spencer Hawes/Raymond Felton pictures ever.
One of my favorite Spencer Hawes/Raymond Felton pictures ever.

The season is officially one week away and there's not much left to do. You've got all the player previews (ignore the Maalik Wayns one... uhh... that's on all of us), you've got your Andrew Bynum fix, and you've already got your Irrational Boo Horn (coming to stores near you) ready to roll for the traitor, Andre Iguodala. And the Sixers finished preseason atop the NBA at 6-1.

So basically you're not worried about anything and all and sunshine and Barenaked Ladies and giraffes.

Well. I suppose there are Andrew Bynum's knees to worry about. If they're not buckling and twisting as they should be, the training room could have a more permanent resident. Though today, as Chris Vito tells us, is the day the Sixers said the big guy will be back. We'll see about that.

And the production of one Evan Turner might be concerning. 46 preseason points on 55 shots with a team-worst 34.5% field goal percentage doesn't exactly boost anyone's confidence. Tabula rasa, Ev.

The uncertainty of the power forward spot isn't quelling anyone's heart palpitations about a potentially Bynumless start to the season. Spencer Hawes, who I drafted in the LB fantasy league last night then promptly cut in favor of Bismack Biyombo, is still Spencer Hawes. Thaddeus Young has performed well this preseason but is usually a liability on the low block.

What else has you sweating bullets heading into the season? Or are you just so flabbergasted by the thought of regular season basketball that everything else is an afterthought? I'm personally mostly concerned with how I'm going to make my Adam Aron Halloween costume work in LA.

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