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Sixers Beat Knicks, Syracuse Orange(men) Win 2003 National Championship

Gerry McNamara: DNP-CD.

This is uncomfortable.
This is uncomfortable.

I know in my head the Sixers had won preseason games in previous seasons, but in my heart, I don't remember them ever winning one. I'm confident they have never won a single preseason game before this year. Well, not anymore. The preseason has ended, and your Philadelphia 76ers lead the entire NBA with a 6-1 record.

Minus Andrew Bynum, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, and Dorell Wright, the Sixers outscored the Knicks in three of four quarters. Sporting a starting lineup with Royal "With Cheese" Ivey and Damien "uhhh" Wilkins, they shot 54% from the field and held the Knicks to 38%. Carmelo Anthony, a mediocre NBA player who won an NCAA title at Cuse, shot 7-24 from the field in 35 minutes in front of his alma mater. Wilkins may have won himself a roster spot with that defensive performance.

Thaddeus Young shot 10-12 from the field for 22 points. Jason Richardson continued his strong play, pouring in 23, 7 and 6, including a 6-12 effort from beyond the arc. I'm personally loving everything about a Sixers team that can shoot from the outside. Lavoy Allen manned the middle, securing 13 boards while popping in a few hook shots for 8 points of his own.

I've been saying for a few months now that the Sixers minus Bynum are not a playoff team. I'm coming around on the opinion that I am wrong. Preseason doesn't matter much, but it does show that these guys aren't quite as mediocre as I thought. J-Rich seems like a completely different player from last year, Dorell Wright is a stud, and I really can't say enough about Nick Young's play thus far. I'm unbelievably excited to see what they can do when the big guy is healthy.

Hey -- next time the Sixers play, it'll count. You ready?

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