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D-League Tryouts for Sioux Falls Skyforce in Philadelphia

Hey look! It's Leemire Goldwire of the Sioux Falls Skyforce!

US Presswire

To everyone here who has ever bragged about their old playing days and the 6'10 Brandon Lee, now is your chance. The Sixers D-League affiliate, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, is holding open tryouts in Philadelphia this Saturday October 6th from 8AM to 4PM at The Sporting Club at Bellevue on Broad in between Walnut and Locust. Here is the registration form to download and also tape to your refrigerator. Please go.

The most exciting part about this isn't even the thought of amateur basketball players trying to impress the Skyforce -- it's that Scott Schroeder, my former editor at SBN's Ridiculous Upside and our center in the 2012 Las Vegas Summer League SB Nation vs. True Hoop Blog Game, is the Director of Basketball Operations for the Skyforce as of last month. Now we have a direct IN into the Sixers D-League affiliate. I'm going to be sliding him Jerel McNeal notes from now until eternity.

So please go to this because it will be awesome and if you're not half bad at basketsport, you could find yourself a Skyforce. A Skyforcer? One of them. Just go and tell us about it when you get back. And don't be disappointed if you make the Skyforce and you guys don't actually go into space or anything. That's actually a complaint I have for Scott. Team needs to go into space much more often.

In other news slightly affiliated with this, the Sixers have announced that Jordan Cohn, formerly of the Nets, Knicks, and Heat, has been named Pro Personnel Scout for the team this year. He's a published author and has done great work in expanding the lengths to which teams can scout opponent tendencies. Scott apparently "owns all his books". I'm sold!

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