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Game! On TV! Celtics @ Sixers game thread

The 76ers kick off televised preseason basketball tonight, in a "rematch" of their Eastern Conference Semi-Final series.

For the first time this season, 76ers fans can (legally) watch their new team take on an eastern conference power.

Kind of.

Besides the obvious fact that it's a preseason game, and thus not representative of much, the 76ers will be without Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown.

Bynum is out due to his right knee, with the recent revelation that he is scheduled for another Synvisc injection, which will take place today. This is allegedly something he does every year, although Sunday was the first day we had heard of it.

Kwame Brown out with a strained calf.

Lavoy Allen and Thaddeus Young will start at the forward positions, although Lavoy Allen is reportedly not all that happy with it. Spencer Hawes will man the middle.

Regardless, we have 76ers basketball to watch tonight, and that's really the most important part, at least until this Bynum situation gets closer to opening night. We can watch Jrue Holiday be the focal point of the offense, see how Evan Turner can play off of him, and see how well new additions Jason Richardson, Dorrell Wright, Nick Young, et all fit in.

And plenty of Spencer "ball friendly" Hawes!

It's 76ers basketball, and it's on tv. Life has just gotten better.

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