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76ers Announce Andrew Bynum's Previously Scheduled Operation

Andrew Bynum will have another operation done on his knee involving a joint lubricator. The Sixers are still optimistic of a late October return for Bynum.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Somewhat quietly during this afternoon's Philadelphia Eagles disaster, the Philadelphia 76ers announced that Andrew Bynum would have another, previously scheduled, operation done on his knee. CSN's Dei Lynam writes:

According to a source close to the situation but not authorized to speak for the team, Bynum will undergo a previously scheduled procedure that puts fluid, or as many call it "motor oil" into the knee. That fluid will act as a joint lubricator. It is a common procedure, given by injection that minimizes pain often associated with knee arthritis.

Andrew Bynum can lubricate my joints any time.

But seriously. This is the first time we are learning of a knee operation Andrew Bynum is having that is purportedly previously scheduled. If this previously scheduled knee operation was really previously scheduled, wouldn't this news have come out sooner? While it is certainly somewhat encouraging to read Dei Lynam's report that the Sixers still plan on having Bynum be ready by the end of the October, that the Sixers surprise us with this "previously scheduled" knee operation is somewhat disconcerting.

Maybe they are right and it was previously scheduled and we just never knew about it, but I am having difficulties shaking the feeling that "previously scheduled" is in this instance synonymous with "scheduled in the last week because we are panicking."

In other injury news, Kwame Brown has suffered a calf injury that could keep him out of Monday's game against Boston and EVERYBODY PANIC SEASON'S OVER.

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