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Bynum Knee Injury Potentially More Serious

I'll just be here setting myself on fire.

Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Got an email yesterday from someone saying the Andrew Bynum knee injury isn't healing like it should. Started worrying. This morning, it went public. Now I've already thrown out all my clothes and I'm thinking about a move to Eurasia, if such a place exists.

But let me pump the breaks and actually read the article first.

94WIP’s Howard Eskin says that he is "getting the sense there is a more serious injury with Andrew Bynum’s knee than the Sixers are telling us. I will go as far as saying I think the Lakers may have given the Sixers damaged goods."

Well there are a few things here. Howard, despite my platonic relationship with his son, is a shock jock placed on this world to stoke the fire, cause my eyes to roll uncontrollably, and get into fights with Charlie Manuel. His opinions are silly and I actively pay no attention to them. Bynum, as we knew, was not in perfect health but wasn't 2005 Jamal Mashburn either.

But Howard does have sources, infinitely more than I do, and seeing as this is the second person I've heard this from, I'm growing extremely concerned that this could be a longer thing. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley were supposed to be back by Opening Day and they sat for half the year. I do not want that to happen with Bynum, obviously.

I suppose the only potential benefit of this is the knowledge that they're not rushing him back. His long-term health is paramount to any additional success this season, despite the looming maximum contract on the horizon. I would rather five and a half great years of Bynum than six injured ones.

Here's the statement the Sixers issued directly to me:

The Sixers issued a status update on Andrew that detailed the situation, precautionary measures and a timeline which has not changed at this time.

So nothing surprising there. My advice to Andrew's Knees (pictured above): rest. Now I'm off to read Brandon's Bynum preview which will not make me cry.


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