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Andre Iguodala Jabs Sixers Management

Confirming a lot of what we suspected.

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Andre Iguodala's eight years in Philadelphia were not the most harmonious. Five Sixers coaches come and gone, yet only in the final year did he come close to getting the respect his game deserved. Trading him for Andrew Bynum (essentially) was the best move for all parties and we're all really looking forward to seeing him succeed in Denver.

Turns out, he's really looking forward to seeing us as well.

In a lengthy and telling interview with CBS Sports' Matt Moore, Iguodala opens up on a number of issues. The most poignant of which being his unhappiness.

I haven't really enjoyed basketball a whole lot the last couple of years. Last year was a big year for us, but it was just draining for the criticism to be there every single day.

Not surprising at all, from what we've heard over the last two or three seasons. Doug and Andre simply did not get along, despite the facade both tried to uphold in front of the media. And that, among the injustices of public disapproval due to his perceived lack of jumpshooting prowess, has to wear on a guy day in and day out.

So in Doug Collins' first year, I didn't shoot threes because he was like, 'I don't want you shooting threes, I don't want that shot.' Last year, I said, 'I'm shooting it.' And what happened? Shot 38 percent from three, top-25 in the NBA from three and I'm supposed to be a non-shooter. You put so much work in, and then to be told, 'Don't do what you worked on all summer.'

Yep, that sounds about right. His catch-and-shoot numbers have always reflected an ability to be a competent shooter, he just had to limit jumpers off the dribble. And he did, and he was successful.

And naturally he's really looking forward to going up against the Sixers this season. His reaction to the trade while at the Olympics was an interesting one.

I'm in warmups, and I'm thinking 'Where am I going to move? Who's going to send my stuff back? Who's moving with me? When do we play Philly? I can't wait to play them.'

This doesn't exactly make me feel warm and cozy about the management we have here, but sometimes, especially after 8 years, people just grind each other the wrong way. Dre needed a change of scenery for a bunch of reasons and I can't wait to watch him go nuts in Denver. But I don't think we can make Collins out to be the bad guy. We know he wears out his welcome, but with only five returning players from last year's squad, he'll have a whole new crop of guys to annoy.

Anybody else feeling sweaty all of a sudden?

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