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Sixers Pick Up Contract of Doug Collins for 2013-14

Then possibly a Front Office position on the horizon?

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It's been no surprise that the Sixers front office is in love with Doug Collins. Reports from all over have Doug as the ultimate decision-maker regardless of title, and with the Andrew Bynum acquisition, it's become increasingly difficult to question their choices -- simplicity of the Tony DiLeo hiring included. So it's without much reaction that we present to you the news that Dougie will be around for at least one more year.

Okay. There's something to be said for consistency in the head coach, especially for a franchise that had gone through about a billion since Larry Brown left (missin u chris ford). For guys in their third years with Collins -- namely Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday -- this is good news for their development. A lot less to worry about when you don't have to adjust to a new coach every year.

The bigger question is what happens after that. And it may be answered.

Doug will be 62 by the time his contract expires and he's already shown a penchant for upper management. Maybe all those text messages and court sweating are finally taking a toll on the guy. He's gone on record as saying he's a "Sixer for life", but with DiLeo as the GM for the foreseeable future, does Doug have a place in the Sixers Front Office? Maybe in that same advisory capacity that Rod Thorn is currently in?

In any event, congrats to Doug for another year. Hopefully Mr. Bynum and two healthy knees will be along for the ride.

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