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Marreese Speights Trade Creates Space for Xavier Silas

As you know by now the Sixers have traded Marreese Speights, three top 10 naps and two editions of Speezy Sez to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for a trade exception equal to Speights' current contract and two future second round picks.

Mr. Levin has done a solid job of analyzing the Speights trade itself, given there's not much to analyze – Speights has yet to play in a game this season and played only 11 minutes per last season. The potential has always been there, but his work ethic and production have steadily decreased since his promising rookie season. Receiving two second round picks and a trade exception for the bench-rider is a decent haul.

The aspect of the trade that has me excited – although I'm devastated Speezy Sez is now a thing of the past, and I won't have the privilege of conducting awesome interviews with him anymore – is the fact that it opens up a roster spot for Liberty Ballers lovechild and emerging fan favorite, undrafted free agent, Xavier Silas.

Everything you need to know about Silas, his relationship with the site and his brief stint with the Sixers can be found here, in an article I wrote a few weeks ago.

After spending training camp and pre-season with the Sixers, Silas was released. On Twitter Silas said the Sixers told him they were keeping 14, but he would've been the 15th player if not for luxury tax issues. Well now that the Sixers have freed up 1.7 million in cap, and only have 13 players on their current roster, there's a great possibility we could see Silas join the Sixers in the near future.

With Jrue Holiday, Louis Williams, Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala all receiving significant minutes, the Sixers are in desperate need for a guard who can handle the ball-handling duties in blowout situations – which was apparent following the Jrue Holiday injury scare at the end of the Suns game. Silas not only brings that, but he's a high character, team chemistry guy – exactly what this Sixers team is built around. He's also an extemely hard worker and I think every Sixers fan would love to see him join the team. The comments on the site, along with the love I've seen for Silas on Twitter has been overwhelming. The die-hard Sixers fans have officially adopted Silas as a fan favorite.

Here are just a few comments I've seen in the past few hours from Sixers fans, showing their support for Silas:

xEgan: Does that mean we bring back the other Xavier? Xavier Silasss

Naismithball: I hope so.

Vince1129: I really hope this means we can move our likely non lottery pick up and like xEgan said get back Xavier Silas. I will love this move if both happen, if neither happen still perfectly fine with this trade.

duckyninja: Good move to clear up a little breathing room under the cap and to start clearing out space for next summer. I expect them to bring somebody else in, likely Silas.

@RyMills20: @XavierSilas "quickly becoming a fan favorite" is correct. I hope to see u in a sixers uniform soon #showyaluv #phillyluv

Since being released by the Sixers Silas has been spotted in Maine, on the Red Claws – the Sixers, Celtics and Bobcats D-League affiliate. Make the jump for a few quotes from Silas on his expereice with the Sixers, how he spent Christmas and what he's working on to make it back to an NBA roster.

LB: What was your biggest takeaway from spending training camp and pre-season with the Sixers?

I learned so much, from the massive amounts of plays to how and why to use them. Also, how to carry yourself as a pro.

LB: What have you done since being released by the Sixers?

Well, I went to Denver from Philly and spent the best Christmas I've ever had with family and friends. We had a White Christmas, hot chocolate and board games. It was great.

LB: What are you doing now to get yourself back on an NBA roster?

I am continuing to work on my game. I'm staying ridiculously positive simply because of the support Philly has shown me, and because I know that hard work pays off.

Follow Xavier on Twitter and if you want to keep this movement going to get Silas on the roster, show your support on Twitter and post words of encouragement in the comments section. Xavier reads and appreciates, I promise. And there's an off chance Sixers' CEO Adam Aron may even catch wind of the Silas movement – not that he makes personnel decisions – but he's very interactive with the fans and I'm sure appreciates the passion.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a top 10 nap for my fallen homie.

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